Why Granite is a preferred counter top choice?
Granite is dense, versatile stone with a distinctive look that signifies quality and hints of splendor. Its unique properties make it ideal for use in kitchens, bath, flooring and wall treatments, as well as fireplace surrounds and outdoor BBQ counters. Extremely scratch resistant and durable, granite is unaffected by citric acid. It won’t harbor bacteria and it is impervious to heat. Made of a combination of natural minerals, crystals and feldspar , granite offers an array of colors and a depth that no man-made material can duplicate. Today, granite has become a popular choice among home owners because of its lustrous appearance and durability. Once installed, granite will remain intact for a long period of time without the worries of chipping, scratching, or fading in color.
Where does granite come from?
Granite is formed by rock that has melted below the earth’s surface. Trapped underground, this molten rock cools and crystallizes, resulting in a variation of pattern and colors of speckled stone. Its natural combination of minerals will differ in amounts, resulting in a wide array of light and dark stones with different foreground and background and sometimes carry streaks of vibrant colors. Granite is found at quarries all over the world. The finished slabs are shipped to fabricators like Elegant Stone & Cabinets to be processed to customer’s specifications.
What is Prefabricated Granite?
Typically, granite is quarried and cut into raw slabs measuring 6 x 9 feet and weighed around 20 tons. Because the slabs are heavy and cumbersome, machines are often required to lift them, and installation is error-prone. Rather than working with large, unmanageable slabs, Elegant Stone & Cabinets prefabricates its granite into 26” deep with a full size 1 ½” bullnose to fit the standard 24” deep kitchen cabinets at our off-shore facility. Island/peninsula size is also available in 36” width with 3-side prefabricated with 1-1/2” bull-nose. As a result, Elegant Stone & Cabinets offers a faster and more cost-effective installation services to its customers with the prefabricated granite at the customer’s project site. Professional installers do all the fabrications and templates on site. If any change(s) is needed by customer at the installation point, Elegant Stone & Cabinets installers are more than welcome to make any changes to accommodate the customer’s need.